Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution.
— William A. Foster

Find Aruba quality seal awarded businesses

Find Aruba quality seal awarded businesses

Search here for Aruba Quality Seal-awarded local businesses. These partners make it their business to deliver consistent, high-quality experiences to each and every guest. All businesses on this list have been evaluated and accredited by the independent and unbiased professionals at QESH Services, meeting Aruba’s highest quality standards.

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Learn about the aruba quality seal program

Learn about the aruba quality seal program

Aruba is known for its year-round sunshine and world-famous, award-winning beaches. However, our warm, island hospitality and friendliness are just as integral to Aruba as a destination and a source of pride within our community. The Aruba Tourism Authority developed the Aruba Quality Seal program in collaboration with locally renowned and established partner, QESH Services.

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Why Should Your Business Earn an Aruba Quality Seal?

In the competitive tourism industry, excellence is not just a goal – it is fundamental to success and longevity! Break through the sea of sameness and shine. The objective of the Aruba Quality Seal is to provide visitors with a trustworthy, unbiased tool that helps them make the best choices as it relates to professionalism and high quality offerings from our local island businesses. The Aruba Tourism Authority, the island’s destination marketing and management organization, vouches for the businesses that have achieved the Aruba Quality Seal.

Elevate your business, product, and service and enrich your employees with this opportunity to commit and strive for excellence. The Aruba Quality Seal program provides prospective businesses with assistance in enhancing high-quality standards while promoting their efforts and ensuring that visitors recognize this commitment to excellence. Our partners share the vision of continuously meeting and exceeding visitors' service and product expectations.


Quality begins on the inside…then works its way out.
— Bob Moawad


By complying with the standards of the Aruba Quality Seal Program and earning the prestigious Aruba Quality Seal, your business will enjoy a variety of benefits:


Greater Customer Satisfaction:
First and foremost, Aruba Quality Seal program ensure that your business is dedicated to providing high quality customer service, thereby promising a satisfactory experience to customers and safeguarding their loyalty to your business.

Greater Trust in Your Business:
The Aruba Quality Seal serves as a badge of honor that tells customers they can trust your business; it was vetted and passed an unbiased auditing process with flying colors, and thus is endorsed by the only destination authority. Not only will you earn the respect and trust of your customers, but you will also gain the respect of other local and international organizations.

Improved Quality of Products/Service:
The audit process focuses on management reviews, qualitative product offering, service skills & training, as well as all general hygienic standard procedures, making the Aruba Quality Seal program a sturdy pillar for continuous improvement and growth within your business. Based on a rigorous system of documentation and analysis, improvements in products and/or services are carefully planned and implemented.

Increased Revenue:
The Aruba Quality Seal program aids businesses in their journey towards increased productivity, providing high value insights into procedures that can make a world of difference to the overall financial performance of businesses.

Increased Efficiency, Lower Costs:
Aruba Quality Seal standards provide a clear framework that enables your business to become a well-oiled machine! Since all business processes are documented, fewer errors occur, leading to greater consistency, transparency, and less rework, thereby ensuring maximum efficiency and decreased costs.

More Stability:
By requiring the proper procedures and documentation of all processes, Aruba Quality Seal program helps mitigate problems and lead to a more accountable and knowledgeable staff, thereby providing stability within the business.

Improved Employee Morale:
Staff members are more satisfied and motivated when there are defined roles and responsibilities, a clear understanding of management accountability, established training procedures, and a well-defined picture of how the roles of the employees affect quality and the overall success of the business—and this employee satisfaction is ensured by the Aruba Quality Seal program. Improved employee morale in turn elevates your business’ image, reputation, and service.

Stronger Leadership:
Aruba Quality Seal standards require commitment and involvement from a business’ leadership team, ensuring stronger leadership and an established vision, which in turn results in having a more motivated, engaged, and empowered workforce, contributing to a better overall working environment.

Wiser Decision-Making:
The Aruba Quality Seal program sets out clear directives regarding audits, standards, and process reviews, helping a business gather valuable information (possibly previously unknown) and make decisions based on solid data.

Greater Sustainability:
In working towards the Aruba Quality Seal certification, a business is required to ensure that specific aspects of its operation adhere to strict sustainability standards as stated in our laws, thereby guaranteeing environmentally friendly processes that help to protect Aruba’s fragile tourism product—not to mention that more and more tourists want to support sustainable businesses. Furthermore, greater sustainability often means increased efficiency and savings in the long run.

Promotional Benefits:
As the recipient of the Aruba Quality Seal, your business will enjoy a wide range of promotional benefits and invaluable exposure through promotional and marketing efforts by the Aruba Tourism Authority. The scope of these efforts include international recognition via press releases and publications, garnering local recognition through local press/media and hotel in-room television, promotion and inclusion in relevant blogs on the island’s number-one search engine, aruba.com, representation at various Aruba tourism conferences, meetings, marketplaces, and networking opportunities with visiting travel-trade professionals. Your business will be also recommended to the valuable incentive and group market. 

How does it work?

The Aruba Quality Seal is awarded exclusively to businesses that pass strict, unbiased assessments that include online evaluations and on-site inspection(s). AQS-awarded business will be identified as such on-island, abroad, online, at trade events and meetings with travel agents and tour operators, and inclusion in relevant marketing campaigns. Businesses committed to maintaining high-quality service and offerings will receive unparalleled exposure and opportunities with the Aruba Tourism Authority.

Find Aruba quality seal businesses

Search here for Aruba Quality Seal-awarded local businesses. All businesses listed here have gone through the comprehensive process and have earned the Aruba Quality Seal.

Should you want to receive more information on the program and/ or updates, feel free to reach out via email at [email protected].

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Whether you are looking for a quick and tasty bite or an unforgettable dining experience, click here to discover trustworthy restaurants that are sure to indulge your cravings and exceed your expectations.

Come, give us a taste of your quality.
— William Shakespeare

  • Que Pasa? Aruba
    Restaurant, Art Gallery & Bar
  • Gianni's
    Ristorante Italiano
  • The West Deck
    Beach Bar & Island Grill
  • One Happy Bowl
  • Azia
    Restaurant & Lounge

Tour Operators

Experience Aruba in an authentic, safe, and exciting way by choosing from our list of AQS-awarded tour operators that offer quality, engaging, and memorable adventures with every tour they provide.

Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it.
— Peter Drucker

  • Clear Kayak Aruba
  • Red Sail Sports
  • Fofoti Tours & Transfers
  • Kini Kini Transfer &Tours
  • Balashi Brewery Tour

Retail Stores

Slow down and embrace island time, selecting your shopping treasures carefully. Choose from a variety of stores that have thoughtfully curated a unique, service-oriented shopping experience for guests searching for quality products to bring home to friends and family.

Quality isn’t expensive—it’s priceless.
— William Walsh

  • Maggy's
    Perfumes, Cosmetics & Salons
  • Cosecha
  • Aruba Aloe
  • Rage Silver